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We have a large and continually varying selection of new and used marine hardware salvaged from boats or obtained from business closeouts. Samplings of the available items are listed below. Our eBay store also lists many of our propellers and some other items. Email us with any special requests or call (410) 586-2900.

Used Marine Hardware

Although we cannot guarantee items, if you are not satisfied you may return anything within 30 days of purchase and receive a refund.

Visit our eBay Store for photos and details on many items. 

Parts & Accessories


List Price

Our Price

Anchors-galvanized DanforthExcellent$20-$90


Propellers--bronze, aluminum, stainless steel--varied sizes and rotation. Most of our inventory are listed in our eBay store. Please visit it to search for a used prop. We also have a number of small outboard props that are not listed on the eBay store. .


Fair to New



Engine gauges


Good to new



Exhaust ports, exhaust hose, transom exhausts


Fair to good, some new



Battery chargers, battery splitters, regulators, transducers, project boxes, feed-throughs, buss bars


Used, but functional



Pumps: macerator, water, oil change pumps, 12V, 24V and 32V. pumps2005.jpg





Assorted autopilot parts, motors, belts, rings, control boxes, cables


Most Good, some spares only



Shaft couplings.


Fair to Good



Steering assemblies, tillers

Serviceable condition



Switches, shore power switches, panels, light switches, etc.


New or good condition used



Sailing Hardware--blocks, turnbuckles, fairleads, etc.