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Our Facilities

Small Open Boats, LLC was organized in January, 2003 and we began renovating and outfitting our present shop in historic Port Republic in June, 2003. 

Our Philosophy
To provide a safe, clean comfortable workplace for the construction and restoration of boats with attention to quality and craftsmanship. We believe in keeping costs low but not by compromising safety or the comfort of working conditions. We support the economical use of materials and encourage the reuse of quality wood and hardware.

Our Staff
Our only full time staffer is Ken Spring, the manager of the SOBs. Several shipwrights visit regularly and offer advice. The shop facilities are shared with Rob Dale, an experienced shipwright and finish carpenter, as part of his business The Hands-On Company.


Our Company
The SOBs represent the realization of a lifelong dream of Ken Spring to operate a boatbuilding business. Nearly 40 years of experience as an amateur boatbuilder, commercial fisherman and boat operator lies behind his decision to start this business. Years of working under uncomfortable circumstances in dusty, freezing boatyards has made him value the need for comfortable working conditions and an adequately equipped shop.

Our Facility
We occupy two buildings in a small commercial area in a pleasant rural setting. Our office and consignment shop are in the 570 square foot building adjacent to our 2500 square foot workshop. The workshop is fully insulated, has air-conditioning, oil heat, centralized dust collection, centralized compressed air, a downdraft ventilation system for fume and odor control as well as two exhaust fans. High intensity lighting, dedicated electrical circuits and modern machines complete the facility.

SOBs Boatbuilding Shop
SOBS Office and Consignment Shop

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SOBs shop interior